An interactive performance on body language and the psycho-geography of urban spaces

An immersive performance that is a theatrical representation of an ideal world order, which by mixing syllables contrasts with the static nature of the body. We will map syllables on to a dancer’s body using a Microsoft Kinect; when she moves she will be constrained to what combinations of syllables the program allows.

Ansh Patel
Performance Video from April 24th, 2015 in New York City

We believe that the way American society maps normative expectations for body movements in the city is political.  “Resounding the City” will interrogate the soundscape of systemic injustice and sonically re-imagine the ways our bodies could move in a utopian city.  Drawing inspiration from the Situationist Manifesto (1960), our project aims to re-write the psycho-geography of the city by re-situating urban bodies in an emancipatory soundscape.

Resounding the City was conceptualized and created by Ansh Patel, Jana Pickart, Francisco Ramirez and Daniela Tenhamm-Tejos.  It was made possible through the Tisch GSO Interdisciplinary Grant 2014-15.