Infinite Planetary Destruction

Fly as an asteroid and cause space havoc by destroying planets and collecting their remains as trophies! No one said that asteroids are nice… Quick reflexes and sharp wits will be needed as your journey will be perilous. Build up your defenses for you are as fragile as you are deadly! Rhesus was showcased on NYU Game Center’s Practice 2013 and IndieCade East 2014.

Leandro Ribeiro + Saint Martin

Rhesus is a single player score attack game created by me and Maria Saint-Martin in which you control an asteroid called Rhesus. Your objective is to avoid planets while vulnerable until you are able to destroy them using power-up shields. The planet’s shards created from their destruction are your points and the game progressively speeds up as you collect more points.

This project was created in 3 weeks using Unity and was the first time we used such engine.

Windows version can be downloaded HERE and Mac version can be found HERE

Rhesus_Gameplay_4 Screen Shot 2013-11-08 at 8.02.06 PM.