Buddy, Move Me - A quick twitch-style game where you can play single or 2 player modes and try to match your character to the chicken

Eric Teo


screenshot of the game


The final phaser project I decided to create a game inspired by Human Ninja. In this game, player(s) try to follow the Chicken in terms of where the wings/legs are positioned in a limited amount of time. In this game, I also created a single player mode with High score board to allow players to challenge themselves in the game. I also incorporated a co-operative mode where 2 players have to both match the chicken’s position before they can score a point. The art was also created by me.

Players will be shown a Chicken and, through key presses, they need to make their own character follow the same poses as the Chicken. There is a time limit and players are trying to match as many poses as they can. Competitively, players are competing against each other to score the most points. Cooperatively, players both have to match the pose before they both score a point.

One of the most challenging issues I faced was mitigating button mashing. I discovered during a playtest session that players can score a lot of points just by mashing the buttons that controlled the limbs. In the end, I incorporated a time lag between key presses to address this issue.