Selfless is an interactive sonnet about my experience coming out.

In Selfless, I sought to explore meaningful interaction and my own artistic and personal development through sketchbook illustrations and photographs. The game's narrative is conveyed through the player engaging in multiple perspectives of my family and my identity.

Class: Capstone I - 2018
Instructor:  Eric Zimmerman    

Growing up in a religious, conservative home in the Midwestern United States, grappling with my identity was difficult. I was struggling for a long time trying to find a compromise between my orientation and my upbringing. I’m still dismantling my internalized homophobia. I turned to art as a way of expressing some of my frustrations and progressions.


All proceeds will be donated to the It Gets Better Project. I’m asking for $7.70 with each download as 77% of LGBT youth in America say they know things will get better. Being able to share this game now, I know things do get better.

Those with financial hardship may contact me through my website, Twitter, or Instagram for a free copy of Selfless. No questions asked.


Your patience and time with Selfless is appreciated. The experience is about 30 minutes long.


Download is available here