Selfless is an interactive sonnet about my experience coming out.

Class: Capstone I - 2018
Instructor:  Eric Zimmerman    

Growing up in a religious, conservative home in the Midwestern United States, grappling with my identity was difficult. I was struggling for a long time trying to find a compromise between my orientation and my upbringing. I’m still dismantling my internalized homophobia. I turned to art as a way of expressing some of my frustrations and progressions.


All proceeds will be donated to the It Gets Better Project. I’m asking for $7.70 with each download as 77% of LGBT youth in America say they know things will get better. Being able to share this game now, I know things do get better.

Those with financial hardship may contact me through my website, Twitter, or Instagram for a free copy of Selfless. No questions asked.


Your patience and time with Selfless is appreciated. The experience is about 30 minutes long.


Download is available here