Animal opera romcom about dating godzilla

Jen Bourke
Class: Game Studio I - 2020
Instructor:  Bennett Foddy      Robert Yang    

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In this campy, theatrical, romantic comedy, play as the Hero, recruited to defeat Godzilla! Take his shopping list, get him gifts, make friends, and set up the townsfolk! Maybe even you will fall in love!!



  • Sick walking action
  • Speedrunning, for those who are impatient
  • A day/night cycle
  • Love
  • A handheld companion to love and cherish
  • A bench(?)
  • The real treasure, the friends you made along the way
  • Godzilla!!

Made by:
– Mut @Mutmedia

– Jen @SteamedBunnys

Made using the Everything Pack by David O’Reily, Emma Theme by Rachel Portman, and Romeo and Juliet Fantasy Overture by Tchaikovsky.