Bullet Hell meets Mahjong

Let's play Mahjong!

Class: Game Studio I - 2014
Instructor:  Bennett Foddy    


Tea Monogatari is a bullet hell doujin PC game powered by Unity. Players take on the role of Cha, a young mage in training, and set out on a quest to pick Common Lophanther tea leaves at Mount Emei in Sichuan. The game features a unique Mahjong bonus system and elements of traditional Sichuan culture. Currently version 0.5 is completed with one stage and no sound.



Tea Monogatari 2014-12-31 00-07-56-53Tea Monogatari 2014-12-31 00-05-43-80Tea Monogatari 2014-12-31 00-10-34-48


·A game which pays homage to the Touhou Project.

·A 7-week individual student project of Game Studio 1. Version 0.5 finished in Dec, 2014 with one stage and no sound.

·Key components: Live2D technology/Mahjong bonus system/bullet particle effects/character dialogue boxes/Japanese comic art/real-time 3D background

·Part of the textures are made based on Internet image resources.