Addictive arcade descender. Try to descend as many as you can!

Try to descend as many levels as you can using only the arrow keys and your special power to freeze the astronauts!

Eric Teo

In this game, you the player needs to see how many levels can you descend while trying to avoid the astronauts. You have a special power to scare them which will freeze them on the spot for a while but there’s a cool down so you cannot use it all the time! See how many levels you can descend!

For Prototype week 10 prompt, I manage to “win” 2 screenshots from which I had to create a game on. 21-snapshot 12-pic

I am very proud to be able to combine both screenshots into this game. The game is both addictive and very fun. There were some initial issues with the balance but after a few playtesting I managed to get it to the point where it feels just nice. I developed and was the graphical artist on the game.