Very fancy

The brewers versus the mob!

CS Wallace + Julian Hyde

In the Brewers and the Mob, most players start out as brewers and are attempting to finish brewing their beer. Meanwhile, one player, the flea, is trying to get all of the brewers to panic and join their mob. The brewers continue brewing beer by rolling dice together attempting to get doubles, while the panic mob chases after them trying to find the next person to join their chain. The game ends when either all of the beer is brewed, or all of the brewers join the mob.

The Brewers and The Mob is based around the Grimm Fairy Tale The Louse and The Flea. You can download the materials here and play it yourself (although you won’t be able to play with laser cut tiles, as seen above).

Look out!

The mob corners a brewer.

Go brewers!

Some brewers frantically roll dice.