A vast wilderness. A mysterious past. An ancient legend.

While on a trip to lush, rural Iceland to meet her family, a young child becomes acquainted with a cousin who soon goes missing.  Setting off to investigate the disappearance alone, the child begins to uncover secrets of her family's mysterious past. A picturebook-esque adventure video game, feature full, gorgeous art and original score.

Class: Intermediate Game Design - 2018
Instructor:  Naomi Clark    

Created by: SCRAMP (Spencer Bernstein, Christian Weinschenk,  Rowan Q, Ajali Harrison, McKenna Flanagan)

This a horror point and click, visual novel hybrid. It was originally created in Intermediate Game Design then polished and published outside of class on our own time. It was created by a team called SCRAMP (its an acronym of our names). It was developed in our own free time while we took classes, and worked at our jobs. An hour long game with Inkle integration, hand drawn art, and a completely original sound track. The Offering is a culmination of some of our best work and everything we all have learned at the NYU Game Center.