This sweet case is an add-on to a Sherlock Holmes mystery game!


Playing this case with a group of people is recommended. The case may take a while to complete since players have to interact with different characters and determine if a piece of information is important or not. To receive the full amount of points, the players have to solve the case in a certain amount of turns. If the players don’t, they will lose points based on the number of locations they visit (or revisit) after they surpass the number.

A group of classmates and I made this game for Intro to Narrative Design. Before we could create this case, we had to read several Sherlock Holmes stories. Reading these stories familiarized us with the time period, social situations, and their version of the English language. With this information, we crafted this case to give the case the suspense and the laughs many of the stories have.

To view the files needed to play the game, click here.