A Narrative Game based on The Silmarillion

Tales of Middle Earth: The Siege below is an adventure taking place in Tolkien’s world of Middle Earth.

Kailin Zhu + Randy Sabella + Benjamin Qi

The game uses the Pantheon rule set, the game is a narrative focused competitive game where players craft a story one person at a time and fight to make both an engaging story and steer the story in their desired direction. The adventure takes place in the underground Elven city of Norgothrond which has been attacked by the evil Gothmog, the Balrog king. The player’s band together to face this threat and free the city.

The adventure features a diverse group of characters of varying races and backgrounds adventuring together. Each player takes on a unique persona with unique relationships with each other. Each character has different motives and desires, each of which the players are tasked with fulfilling. Some desire wealth, others power, vengeance, and justice.



Download Character Description and Open Scene

Download Score Sheet

Apologize & Thanks:
It is a narrative assignment, some sketches are from deviantart.com. Just For Educational Use.