A first person bartending game where a different drink served means a different story told.

Mel + paosalcedo

in development by Mel Kim (@mxedk) and Paolo Salcedo (@paosalcedo).

As the bartender, you can:

  • Serve five unique customers, each with their own take on loneliness and relationship with alcohol:
    • A dysphoric musician, dreadfully insecure about their creative ability
    • A tired pencil pusher, finally fed up with other people’s expectations
    • A former alcoholic, trying to provide for his sibling and failing
    • A physiotherapy patient, estranged from her partner due to wounded pride as an athlete
    • A recovering veteran, learning to live with her children again
  • Mix various drinks to meet their various needs and tastes–different drinks give different results
  • Tend to the bar using a two-handed control scheme
  • Piece together the mystery of the bar through dialogue with your customers and clues in the environment


concept art: