This week I gave the following challenge to my prototyping class: make a game in one week that will be publicly released! In this class, students have roughly 10 hours to produce a game every week, but usually they are free to experiment without concern for the audience. This challenge pushes them to understand what it means to release a game to the public. Below you can find links to all the games they produced. — Bennett Foddy, March 16th 2015

Warning: given the strict time constraint, some of these games may not run bug-free, or at all, for you. The online games may be on servers that are overwhelmed with traffic.

Alex Feigenbaum: Pocket Presence

Pocket Presence

High pressure score-attack game. Stay in the light, shoot enemies, and avoid projectiles.

Play Online (Unity Web Player) or Download for Win + Mac

Bruce Lan: Geometry Fall

Geometry Fall


Arcade game for two players with gamepads: try to make the other player fall through the floor.

Play Online (Unity Webplayer) or Download for Mac. Gamepads required

Chris McGinnis: Rain Music

Rain Music

Interactive music experience. Guide the rain, create music, grow plants.

Play Online (Unity Webplayer) or Download for Mac or Windows

Eliran Vegh: The Gospel

The Gospel

“The Gospel Is a story I wrote and Illustrated in hebrew 4 years ago. I always wanted to integrate it for reading in some interactive form, even if its minimalistic.”

Play Online

Elyse Lemoine: Husband of Mine

Husband of Mine

A conversation between a lion and a wolf.

Play online (Unity Webplayer) or Download for Mac

Eric Teo: Raid Simulator

Raid Simulator

“Ever wanted to be a raid leader but never had the chance? Well now you can! Take charge of 12 souls, dictate their actions and beat the boss monster and its minions to win!” (Note: select 1280×800 resolution)

Play online (Unity Webplayer) or Download for Mac

Gabe Cuzzillo: A Brief History of Dogfighting

A Brief History of Dogfighting

Two-player biplane dogfighting game, a twist on Peter Mason’s 1989 classic ‘Biplane Duel’, but also involving time travel. Requires 2 gamepads.

Download for Windows

Julian Hyde: All Weather Bicycle

All Weather Bicycle

Abstract NYC cycling game. Your speed is based on the current temperature in New York City.

Play Online (Unity Webplayer)

Leandro Ribeiro: Hansha No Choosen

Hansha No Choosen

A game of ninja dodgeball for 2-4 players. Gamepads required. Press start to begin.

Download for Mac

Pierre Depaz: Isis and Osiris

Isis & Osiris

“the game is called ISIS & Osiris, and is about collaboratively destroying world heritage sites, or preserving them. no limit to players. players can choose both sides.”

Sig Gunnarsson: Hide and Seek in Moriarty’s Mansion

Hide and Seek in Moriarty's Mansion

A two player game of pursuit and deduction. Moriarty must destroy important evidence and then escape the mansion, while Sherlock Holmes must catch him before he escapes! Maybe the first ever two-player ChoiceScript game?

Play Online

Vanessa Briceno: Countdown


Balance the weights on the side of the rocket before it takes off!

Download (Windows)

Winnie Song: Bloodsport


You’re being stalked by a monster within a deep forest.

Play Online (Unity Webplayer) or Download for Mac

Wyatt Yeong: Storeroom


Home unpacking simulator. A disembodied light bulb helps the family to move house.

Download for Windows or Mac

Wynn Chen: Sheep’s Adventure Episode 6

Sheep's Adventure EP6

Some sheep fly to space on a space bridge. You can pick up additional sheep on the way.

Play online (Unity Webplayer) or Download for Mac

Zack Zhang: Volution


Two player cooperative game for gamepads: circle a black hole and avoid enemy bullets. Press start to begin or restart.


Download for Windows or Download for Mac