Pacman meets Tilt maze style physics!

Eric Teo


For my final project in Game Studio I, I created a game that combined my love for those wooden tilt maze toys when I was young and Pacman. I created Wakka Roll where the player tilts the pacman board to roll pacman around, eating the pellets while avoiding ghosts. The player tries to complete the board by eating all the pellets while not dying more than three times. The player can die by touching any elements on the board that is red (i.e. Ghosts or the primitive AI block). There are two additional twists on the board. A primitive AI red block will be moving on a square track around the maze but when it reaches a junction it will randomly decide which direction to go next. Secondly, I have added teleporters such that ghosts can teleport through them, adding an additional level of strategy to the game and also preventing players from just grouping up ghosts together and complete the maze easily.


One of the biggest challenge I faced in this design was the tweaking of the gravity so that the game feels very much like it would if you are playing it in real life. That is quite difficult given the limited time I had (4 weeks) as well as the limitation of the Unity physics engine.

One of the most satisfying points was when my course Director, Frank Lantz played it consecutively five times to try and beat the game and then had to walk away in anger when he did not in the end.

Sig beating the game after several tries



Visiting academics from Europe playing the game during Playtest Thursday



First of my classmate beating the game and still holding on to the top score!


Video showing the final version