Slimy Douchebag Bar-Fighter

Elyse Lemoine

Don’t you hate it when you’re trying to have a drink and you just can’t get a little peace and quiet?  It’s Spring Break at the Moonlight Bar and the men just keep flying at you, and they aren’t stopping!  Swing your arms as fast as you can to smack them away (and eventually destroy them) – but watch out for your drink next to you.  The more they hit you, the more exhausted you’ll be – and the faster you’ll leave the bar.  Survive as long as you can before those annoying dudes drive you off.

Done in 2 weeks (September 2013) for Game Studio I at the NYU Game Center, using GameMaker.  As part of the assignment, all art assets had to be made in GameMaker’s sprite editor.  This was the first digital game I ever worked on.  Recommended to be played with an XBOX 360 gamepad.

Download the prototype: Windows.