All the world rapidly piling up...

Emperatriz Ung
Class: Game Studio II - 2018
Instructor:  Matt Boch    

The game focuses on Yumi Mendez, the twenty-three year old protagonist, who moves home after graduating college to help take care of her Great Aunt Nena. Yumi’s Aunt Nena grows sicker and becomes increasingly dependent and forgetful. The game follows Yumi’s day-to-day life over the course of a summer placing the player in Yumi’s perspective while she bathes Aunt Nena, cleans her room, shops, and messages her girlfriend. The game relies heavily on text and visuals to give players insight to Yumi’s mood and emotions as they change over time. Our goal is for players to connect with the main character’s depression and how everyday, seemingly easy or mundane tasks can contribute to changing emotional states. We wanted to address how these tasks can wear someone down.

Play Yumi’s Home here.


Amanda E. Siswojo, 2D Artist

Emperatriz Ung, Narrative Designer & Writer

Maria Mishurenko, Game Designer & Developer

Poe Sriwatanathamma, Animator & Game Designer

Shak’ar Mujukian, Composer, Sound Designer, & Narrative Designer

Xiaoxun Yu, Programmer