Zombie Storybook. An instance in time with just 5 lines!

Eric Teo + Angela Lee

Inspired by Eric Zimmerman’s Life in the Garden, I created a zombie version of the story book. When the page is loaded, the program will randomly load 5 lines from a list of 52 sentences to form a story.

I was very intrigued by the elegance of the design as it was simple yet able to convey a lot of emotions and still present a cohesive narrative.

Fellow classmate Angela Lee also graciously provided the drawing while programming and music were done by me.

One of the more interesting lessons was to create a sentence that was not too generic to seem emotionless but also not too specific such that it may not fit with a randomized selection of other sentences.

A challenge I faced was the type of art I want to fit in with this project. I realized that it had to be gender neutral and with nothing specific yet still have enough hints so as to suggest a bleak world. I believe that Angela managed that very well with her art!


Showing At PRACTICE 2014

Showing At PRACTICE 2014