interior scene from we should talk

Discover whether your romance can survive temptations from all directions in this captivating narrative game.

We should talk is a dialogue-driven story capturing a night on the town after a riff develops between you and your in-game partner. While you shoot texts back and forth, friends and strangers in the bar will spark conversations with you, diving deep into your relationship problems. Your responses directly impact how the game proceeds—and whether your romantic relationship survives the night.

We should talk. is available on PC and consoles. Learn more about the game and find out how to purchase for your platform of choice here!

Meet a fascinating cast of characters, but be careful—not everyone wants your relationship to last. The words you choose in your conversation will directly impact you and your partner.

We should talk is developed by a team of six graduates of the NYU Game Center MFA: Kat Aguiar, Nobonita Bhowmik, Francesca Carletto-Leon, Jordan Jones-Brewster, Carol Mertz, and Jack Schlesinger. The game was first developed in Game Studio I during their first year in the program, then members of the team returned to the project to join the 2019 Incubator, where they developed the plan for this successful launch.

We should talk. is a Game Center project at its best! It’s stylish, well-crafted, innovative, polished, and available wherever you play games. Visit the We should talk. site to learn more.