Game Design Minor


Minor in Game Design

The Game Design Minor is a 16-credit minor that provides students with a well-rounded education in the design, production, and study of games.  The minor covers introductory courses in all aspects of game design and development, including non-digital game design, game scholarship, programming for games, and digital game production. Our minors have gone on to work in the game industry, become game scholars or critics, and to enrich their future careers with a deep literacy in this vital form of cultural expression.


  • OART-UT 1600 Games 101
  • A minimum of 12 additional credits of Game Center courses, choose from
    • OART-UT 1605 Intro to Game Design
    • OART-UT 1606 Intro to Game Studies
    • OART-UT 1617 Intro to Programming for Games
    • OART-UT 1601 Intro to Game Development (prerequisite: Intro to Programming for Games)
    • OART-UT 1618 Tackling Representation in Games


To declare the minor, use the cross-school minor application available in the dropdown menu of your Albert Student Center.  Choose the Tisch School of The Arts and look for Game Design.  Tisch students will have to apply using the Declaration of Second Major/Minor form.


Minor courses are offered through Tisch Open Arts, you can find them under OART-UT in Albert.  Open Arts courses are open to all undergrad students, you do not need to be a part of the minor to register.