The NYU Game Center congratulates our students and alumni on earning three of the six Independent Games Festival student nominations.

Beglitched by Alec Thomson and Jenny Jiao Hsia

Alec began Beglitched as his MFA thesis, and continued work on the game during the 2015 NYU Game Center Incubator with Jenny. Beglitched is in the late stages of development, and was Steam Greenlit earlier this year.

Beglitched is Alec and Jenny’s second IGF student nomination after last year’s nomination for their game Stellar Smooch.

Follow the development of Beglitched here.

Ape Out

Ape Out

Ape Out by Gabe Cuzzillo

Gabe began Ape Out as his senior cap stone project as an undergraduate in the NYU Game Center, and continued development of the game in the 2015 NYU Game Center Incubator. Gabe has secured funding for the game for the next year and it will be released in 2017.

Ape Out is also Gabe’s second IGF student nomination, following a nomination two years ago for his local two player dueling game Foiled.

For updates and to be the first to here about Ape Out’s release, follow the game here.

Circa Infinity by Kenny Sun

Kenny began Circa Infinity in the Ludem Dare game jam. He continued to develop it using our weekly Playtest Thursday, and finished it in the 2015 NYU Game Center Incubator.

Circa Infinity has also been featured at the PAX Indie Mega Booth, an Official Selection at both XOXO and Fantastic Arcade 2015, and won Best Gameplay at BIG Festival 2015.

Circa Infinity is now available on Steam here.


In addition to these nominations, two  MFA Thesis & 2015 Incubator Games earned Student IGF Honorable Mentions.

BADBLOOD by Winnie Song

Winnie began work on BADBLOOD as her MFA Thesis, and she continued work on the game in the 2015 NYU Game Center Incubator. BADBLOOD was Steam Greenlit over the summer, and was released on Steam last fall. BADBLOOD has been shown at XOXO, EVO Indie Showcase, and was the Audience Choice Award winner at the 2015 IndieCade Festival.

BADBLOOD is now available on steam here.

Sumer by Josh Raab, Sig Gunnarrson, Misha Favorov, and Geoff Suthers

Sumer began as a MFA Thesis, and developed further in the 2015 NYU Game Center Incubator. The team formed into Studio Wumpus, and is about to launch a Kickstarter to finish development on the game. Sumer can also be seen at GDC as an official selection in the 2016 GDC Indie Mega Booth.

Follow Sumer and the game’s Kickstarter here.

The NYU Game Center would also like to congratulate these games developed by Alumni on there IGF Accolades.


Soft Body by Zeke Virant

The NYU Game Center also congratulates alumni game Soft Body by Zeke Virant for his IGF honorable mentions in Excellence in Design and the Seumas McNally Grand Prize.

Soft Body will be released on PS4 and PC in earlier 2016, with PS Vita and Mac versions available soon after that.

Keep up with Soft Body here.

Cibele by Star Maid Games

Cibele by Star Maid Games for IGF Nuovo nomination, an honorable mention in Best Narative, the Seumas McNally Grand Prize, as well as honorable mentions for the Innovation Award and Best Narrative in the Game Developers Choice Awards.

Cibele is now available on Steam and other platforms here.


Check out the full IGF Nomination list here.