At The Hotel Norwood you’ll find a van parked outside full of listening equipment, an automatic sandwich-making machine, and a bumping party in the basement. It’s up to you to discover how the threads tie together, and now you can start unraveling the mystery of The Norwood Suite with a free demo.

Following his time in the 2016 NYU Game Center Incubator and a publishing deal with Alliance Digital Media, CosmoD launched The Norwood Suite on Steam and on October 2nd, 2017. Lots of folks have been sharing their thoughts and reviews, so we gathered up some highlights:


Thanks to a grant from New York State, The NYU Game Center Incubator is open to all developers, and The Norwood Suite was one of the first developers to take advantage of this program. If you have a game that you think would benefit from the NYU Game Center Incubator, you can learn more about the program here. Applications to the 2017 cohort will open in late 2016.