NYU Game Center Faculty Eric Zimmerman was honored at the 2021 IndieCade Festival with the Bernie DeKoven Big Fun Award alongside his partner Nathalie Pozzi! This annual honorary award was created in collaboration with Bernie DeKoven, to honor his legacy and to recognize creators significantly furthering the field and impact of new, big, and physical games.

Nathalie and Eric were selected for the award for their work over the last several years on a series of large-scale game installations that are part architectural sculpture and part interactive performance. Their collaborations have appeared at events and exhibitions at the Museum of Modern Art, the Smithsonian Museum of American Art, as well as in Paris, Dublin, Moscow, and Los Angeles.

In addition to Eric’s honorary award, a NYU Game Center alumni took home the 2021 IndieCade Festival Impact Award! Out for Delivery by Yuxin Gao (MFA ’20) Lillyan Ling, Gus Boehling, John Bruneau now adds this Impact Award to their crowded mantel, which also includes a 2021 Student BAFTA. Congratulations to the Delivery team for their continued success!

Out for Delivery is a 360° interactive documentary. The slice-of-life story follows a food delivery courier in Beijing on January 23, 2020, the day before Lunar New Year’s Eve and the day Wuhan shut down due to COVID-19. Yuxin designed Out For Delivery for her MFA Thesis project and released the project shortly after graduation. You can experience Out for Delivery now for free here.