Lecture Series Poster for Adrian Hon's lecture that reads: The NYU Game Center Lecture Series Presents Adrian Hon, Creator of Zombies, Run, and founder of Six to Start

About the talk:

We’re kicking off the 14th edition of our lecture series this fall, with guests from all over the world of games and play, live on a Thursday night each month. Our first guest this season is game designer, author, and neuroscientist ADRIAN HON, creator of award-winning alternate reality games such as Perplex City and We Tell Stories as well as the smash-hit running game Zombies, Run!

Adrian will be talking about his latest book, You’ve Been Played: How Corporations, Governments, and Schools Use Games to Control Us AllIf that title reminds you of a dystopian TV show like Black Mirror, you’re not far off—except that it’s non-fiction, looking into how tech companies, ride-sharing apps, warehouse employers, governments and schools are increasingly using scores, leaderboards, badges and other game-like tools to create incentives for behavior and punishments for falling short. Come hear Adrian discuss his “scathing indictment of a tech-driven world that wants to convince us that misery is fun, and a call to arms for anyone who hopes to preserve their dignity and autonomy” in conversation with Professor Eric Zimmerman.

Who can attend:

  • If you are a current NYU student, faculty, adjunct, or staff: Attend the talk in-person! The talk will be happening at 370 Jay Street, 2nd Floor Lecture Hall, and will have a limited in-person audience. You must RSVP to attend, and you can RSVP here: https://adrianhonlectureseries.eventbrite.com
  • If you are not currently attending or working at NYU: The talk will be streaming live to our twitch! Join us in the chat here: twitch.tv/nyugamecenter

The NYU Game Center would like to thank our event sponsors: Fresh PlanetTake-Two InteractiveDots, and Empire State Development. Their generous support makes our events possible.