Please join us for the final event of the 2019 NYU Game Center Lecture Series. Games For the Gut with Winnie Song.

Winnie is a game designer, visual artist, and teacher who is the most recent addition to the Game Center’s full-time faculty. She was trained as a graphic artist, receiving her degree in graphic design from Ontario College of Art and Design, and went on to earn a masters degree in game design here at the Game Center as part of our second class of MFAs. After graduating from the Game Center, Winnie went on to work as a game designer at Square Enix in Montreal in addition to making award-winning work as an indie developer.

Winnie’s experience designing games both as a solo developer and as part of a larger studio has given her valuable perspective on the creative process of game development. Unifying all of her work is a meticulous engagement with the discipline of visual communication and a powerful, personal artistic vision. One of Winnie’s guiding interests is the various ways that viscerality and violence operate as an aesthetic in games. Join us to hear her speak to this complex issue and share her unique approach to game creation and teaching.

Poster art by Mel Tow. Find more of her work here.

Free and open to the public.

The NYU Game Center would like to thank our event sponsors: Fresh Planet, Take-Two Interactive, Dots, and Empire State Development. Their generous support makes our events possible.