UPDATE: We’re sorry to report that if you have not received a confirmation for Erik’s talk on 5/5 by this point, we are unable to accommodate you.  We will be recording the lecture and posting the video on our site, please check back for that. Thank you for your interest!

Next Thursday, May 5th, the Game Center will be hosting a lecture by Erik Wolpaw. Erik Wolpaw is a video game writer currently working at Valve Software who has earned numerous awards for his work. He has contributed to well-known games such as Half-Life and Psychonauts and his work on the Portal series is widely considered to be a high-water mark of game writing and interactive storytelling. Before becoming a game developer, Erik was an influential game critic and humorist. As one of the co-founders of the legendary site Old Man Murray, he illuminated the absurdities of video games and video game culture with a thermonuclear wit.

The format for the evening will be a brief guided play-through of Portal 2 with Erik, followed by an interview and general discussion moderated by Game Center Interim Director Frank Lantz. The audience is encouraged to join the discussion. Please bring questions about Portal, game writing, criticism, narrative and the overall subject of games in general.

The talk will begin at 7:00 PM at 721 Broadway, Room 006 and is open to students, faculty, and the general public. We welcome everyone, whether your research and teaching is related to games or you are simply curious about this rapidly evolving field. Please come, and feel free to bring any interested NYU colleagues.

Refreshments will be served.