Steph Clark’s Rooftop Cop, released in the Fall of 2014, is a collection of five endless vignette games following a police cult through the throes of climate catastrophe. What is left for police to do when all the property is gone? Quietly humorous and menacing, IGF nominated for Best Student Game and Nuovo Award (2015), Rooftop Cop remains an oddity. Join us for a look back on the game’s development as an MFA Thesis at NYU Game Center, its major themes, and hidden systems, through the critical and celebratory lens of a five-year post-mortem.

S. L. Clark is a videogames artist, curator, and educator living in New York, and a co-founder of Babycastles Gallery, a 501c3 Non-Profit dedicated to showcasing contemporary independent videogames and other media by marginalized creators. Steph’s work involves climate fiction, absurdist futures, death positivity, and ambient play. A graduate of the inaugural class at NYU Game Center’s MFA program, they are now an instructor of game design and development at NYU Tisch and NYU Tandon.

Free and open to the public.