At this year’s Game Developers Conference Expo we’re making a game!

At the Game Center booth, our MFA students will create an entire game from scratch within the twenty-one hour duration of the Expo. Stop by and talk with our students, who will be demonstrating what working at the Game Center looks like. Booth visitors will be given opportunities to vote on and shape the direction of the game.

Our booth will also feature student work that includes second year MFA thesis games, digital projects from our studio and prototyping classes, and MFA games that were created at jams we’ve hosted.

Play other Game Center student work at the IGF Showcase! IGF Student Finalist Foiled! by NYU undergraduate Gabe Cuzzillo was developed with advisement by Game Center Professor Bennett Foddy.

If you’re at the GDC Expo, visit our booth to play what’s being made in NYC, see our design students at work, and talk with students, faculty, and staff about the program!