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Chris Wallace (MFA ’16)

Chris (MFA ’16) makes games that bring people together, teach, and change how people see the world. He currently works as a lead developer and scrum master at an edtech company, building games that help kids learn how to read. He has taught game programming classes and ran a code help desk at the Game Center.

After a brief internship at the groundbreaking studio Gamelab while earning his BBA from Baruch College, Chris worked for several years in the web industry as a developer then project manager. Since graduating from NYU, he’s freelanced for several companies as a Unity developer, game designer, and producer, while continuing to work on his own projects. His game “3 Nights in Chicago” was nominated for Best Multiplayer Game at Casual Connect 2016 and Best Student Game at Ludicious Festival 2017.

Chris has trained and taught Shaolin martial arts/philosophy for 15 years, helping hundreds of people become more confident and connected with themselves. He’s also a competitive Killer Queen Arcade player, and frequently travels around the country for tournaments.

Follow his work here and on Twitter.