On Thursday, October 21st, NYU Game Center will be hosting a panel discussion with developers from three local game studios.

After years of somewhat sporadic and disconnected activity, the New York City game development scene is beginning to evolve into a robust, thriving community. Game Center Director Frank Lantz will moderate a discussion between NYC developers who can share insights from different perspectives within the New York scene:

Wade Tinney – Founding partner and CEO of casual and social game company Large Animal Games, one of the city’s oldest and most respected development shops.

Zach Wilson – Senior Level Designer at Kaos Studios, one of New York’s only triple A big budget developers and creators of the hotly anticipated title Homefront.

Lewis Kofsky – Partner and Executive Producer at Curious Pictures, an entertainment, animation and production company which recently became a fullfledged game studio.

The panel will discuss the unique challenges and opportunities facing game development companies in New York and discuss their thoughts about how the local scene will evolve as it continues to grow over the next few years.

Starting at 7:00 PM at 721 Broadway, Room 006, this event will be open to students, faculty, and the general public. We welcome everyone, whether you’re currently studying or teaching games or you are simply curious about this rapidly evolving field. Please come, and feel free to bring any interested NYU colleagues.

Refreshments will be served.