The NYU Game Center is proud to announce the The Princeton Review ranked NYU as the sixth top graduate school and the tenth top undergraduate school to study game design in 2016. The 2016 ranking comes after graduating only two MFA classes and one BFA class, and marks the first year the NYU Game Center is in the top ten for both graduate and undergraduate degrees. We’re excited to join an elite top ten list of rigorous game design schools across the country that offer an important variety of game design educations and experiences.

Princeton Review’s selection and ranking of schools is based on criteria that examines the quality of the faculty, facilities and technology. The rankings also factors in data it collected from the schools on their curriculum and career services. The NYU Game Center sets itself apart from other game design schools on these lists by providing an unique approach to games as creative practice based on a heavily project based digital and non-digital game-making curriculum. The ranking also highlights our extraordinary cohort of faculty that bring together a diverse mix of some of the best practicing game designers and academics in the world, and the successful careers our first classes of students are finding outside of the program, including getting hired at AAA studios, forming their own studios, and publishing their own games. To explore more of what makes studying at NYU a unique experience, check out the Academics page.

To see the collective success of current game design programs in the United States, check out this great Infographic from the 2016 Princeton Review:

2016 Top Schools for Game Design Infographic

Source: The Princeton Review