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Ben Poland

I grew up in Littleton Colorado. Graduated from Grove City College in 2014 with a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering. During college I worked as a volunteer Young Life leader at Mercer Area High School from 2011 to 2014. In college I learned the values of service and persistence in the face of life's trails. I am a game designer and a Game Design MFA candidate at New York University. I seek to be a man who holds fast to Truth and seeks to love people better. I love game nights, learning new things, deep conversation, and discovering new music. At the end of the day my desire is to create things of value.

Why are you studying games?
I find that I am a man driven by passion. In college I discovered that I loved programming, literature, art, music, problem solving, design, and communicating ideas. I realized that in game design all of my passions came crashing together in a beautiful and crazy dream: I wanted to make games. I study games so that I may create better games. I want to learn from those who have come before me to press games toward what I believe they can accomplish in the future. I believe that games are powerful. They can bring people together, level the playing field, give the least of these a voice, and ask interesting questions. I hope that by the end of my time at NYU I will have a better answer to the question: "How can games get at truth?"
What do you hope to accomplish after school?
After school my goal is to enter into the games industry through programming and design to gain professional experience creating games. Looking very far down the road my dream would be to open my own studio to create brave games that are trying to say something of worth. However, no man can know the future.