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Michael Moerdler-Green

Michael Moerdler-Green is a Jewish game design student from the Bronx whose goal is to make games to help people.

Projects By Michael Moerdler-Green

Soothing Seeds


Mario 64 Clone

Why are you studying games?
Originally I wanted to make games to make people happy, but as I have progressed through college, I realized that games can be more than just a way to kill time. I want to make games that incorporate psychological techniques in order to treat mental illness.
What's your secret weapon?
I have some weapons so secret that not even I know about them yet. However one of my bigger, less secret ones would be my unyielding optimism. I try to always find a reason to smile!
How has the Game Center changed your thinking about games?
I have learned that games can actually be seen as the most interactive form of art, which is pretty cool in my opinion.
What do you hope to accomplish after school?
I plan on pursuing a PhD in clinical psychology after graduation. It may take a while, but if it means that I can one day help people, then I am more than willing to take on the challenge!