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Why are you studying games?
I'm studying Game Design because I want to create accessible UI, tools, and games for people with disabilities. I believe that those with disabilities should have the ability to enjoy games comfortably like abled gamers. I also want to use games as a social experiment. More specifically targeting social problems such as racism, classism, sexism, and ablism which all exist in the gaming world.
Describe your most embarrassing playtesting moment.
Freshman year I made the most busted game of volley ball which the whole class could see. It was definitely the worst project in the class and my worst to date.
What's your secret weapon?
Creativity and Compassion.
Describe one memorable lecture, assignment, or exercise you've had at the Game Center.
My most memorable assignment was a research project I did for my Representation in Games class taught by Mattie Brice. Since accessibility and social justice within the gaming community is something I'm heavily interested in, the assignment gave me more insight as to how much of a problem diversity is in game development. It taught me that initiative is the only way to achieve complex issues like this.
How has the Game Center changed your thinking about games?
The Game Center offers many different types of courses from coding, UI design, and 3D modeling which was overwhelming however this type of structure allowed me to build my own goals and have more insight as to what I truly wanted to do with my future. At first, I wanted to just make games and work for a studio but now I'm inspired to do more than that with the skills I have accumulated.
What do you hope to accomplish after school?
I hope to land a job doing UI/UX design as well as start my own business building and developing accessible and representative games and gaming tools.
What's the last great game you played and what's great about it?
Marvel's Spider-Man. The game captures New York City so well and the diversity of NPC's is incredible. I'm a fan of open world games and I think the developers did a great job taking the time to research and pay attention to detail.
What's your favorite New York City spot?
Washington Square Park. To me it's peaceful and on a nice day it's where I think of my best work.