Doom Clone

The Doom Clone in Unity. YES.

Cooper Yang + gt1113 + Abigail Yaffe

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This is a clone of the first level of the famous game, Doom (1993) by id Software. The clone was developed by a group of four students: Cooper Yang, Frank Zhang, Ginele Tanis, and Abigail Yaffe. They developed it over seven* weeks while maintaining their other academic obligations. This clone includes the first level of Doom, including all the secrets, minus the textures in the final room. All assets were made by the students and they have attempted to show this by having them be as close to the original textures, sounds, and code as possible while not taking it from its source. Their goal was to evoke the feeling of the original game, for it to be recognizable, while not the exact same thing so they can show off their creative roundabout abilities and learn development techniques as they progress in the project.