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Alina Constantin

I am a world-builder and artist with a focus on finding the personal stories in large systems, and on designing play that can renew our sense of heritage and connection. I've lived across 3 continents and communities of art and nature activism and carry qualities from these in my work. I've an eclectic background involving art direction, animation, teaching, crowdfunding, organizing, all the way to straw-bale or wooden ship building. Previous work has shown through museums, film and game festivals internationally, including an awarded game Shrug Island released in 2018. More via

Describe one memorable lecture, assignment, or exercise you've had at the Game Center.
In the middle Game Design 1 with Eric Zimmerman and Naomi Clark, we brainstormed a set of paper prototype casino games and in 20 minutes, the class had the feel of a county fair; stories were hawked between tables with swiveling chairs as goalposts for tossing games. In no time we had this tangible example of balancing game economies, and the power of a generating a memorable social moment.
What do you hope to accomplish after school?
Good game narratives, design and teaching? Use my skills where they are needed:) I'd love to extend collaborations with my cohort, and strengthen the outreach of ties elaborated within the Game Center community, further elevating games as accessible cultural experiments. I hope to continue creating rich playgrounds between diverse fields to trigger personal forms of activism through the imagination.