An investigation box to play on principles of A.I outside technology

Alina Constantin
Class: Thesis II - 2020
Thesis I - 2020

Handmade A.I uses applied research, role play, and symbolic systems design to examine A.I through these concepts. Each analogue experiment in the box presents a specific focus and tone; ranging from serious to irreverent and providing either a global, personal or social perspective on an A.I principle. You can see excerpts of the work in this video playlist.

This project emerged out a summer and fall 2020 collaboration with Mona Sloane (PhD), and a response to her work on the Co-opting AI event series at NYU’s Institute for Public Knowledge. The first experiment in this box is an involved strategy board game that looks at intersections between A.I and the climate crisis. The following experiments, a multi-purpose interpretation deck of playing cards, and a roleplay installation are personal and aesthetic extensions of this research. They reflect the expressivity of the research and uncanny resemblance to foundations of the game design, finding interpersonal parallels of structural loops, interpretation and roleplay in the relations between humans and A.I creation, use, and development.

With this project, I use game-making as collaborative inquiry to reimagine the mythos and power narratives embedded in our networked technologies. Read more on the project’s itch page.