A new card system for storytelling and light strategy games, where your perspective in life AND at the table changes the rules.

Benandanti is a new card system that supports unique games in the cross section of the storytelling and strategy genre, featuring beautiful and evocative art from Kai Karhu. Just as we all have different perspectives, so too in ​Benandanti​ does one’s perspective alter the rules of any of the system’s supported games; unlike any other deck of cards ever made, the information on any given card in the ​Benandanti​ deck—down to the ranks, suits and imagery—changes depending on its orientation on the table, opening a breadth of new possibilities both for creating stories and for strategizing your next play. Thematically centered on the titular shamanistic group who existed in the era of the Roman Inquisition, ​Benandanti ​is not just a deck of cards; it is a tool for communication between two players, a portal to the Benandanti’s “Dream World” where we learn and grow together through sharing our experiences, and a container for games unlike any other. ​Benandanti ​is not just a platform on which games are played - Benandanti ​is an innovation on narrative games as we know them.