"Enemy carrier spotted on the horizon!"

Carrier Command is a two-player card based table in which you will command a carrier and send your aircraft to sink the opponent's carrier. In the process, you will choose routes for your aircrafts, consider the number of turns and weapons, think carefully about the coorperation between different aircraft, and watch out for incoming attacks from your opponent.

Fletcher Gong + Alex Liu
Class: Introduction to Game Design - 2021
Instructor:  Jeff Petriello    

Carrier Command is a fast-paced tabletop game where players will rapidly repeat the deploy-battle-resupply cycle. Our goal is to bring the core elements of modern naval aviation command to the player in a tense, exciting tabletop game, while leaving out the tedious details to ensure that as many players as possible can enjoy it. In it, the choice of routes, the mix of weapons, the collaboration between aircraft, and the management of hands will all influence the scales of victory and defeat between players.