Catch the falling garbage from apartment!

Gordon Lee

Catch Garbage is a single player game that I’ve designed and developed for the class of Game Studio I at Game Center NYU. This game comes with a simple idea of “Garbage Classification” and different workers for their corresponding jobs. In the game, the player control 3 characters at the same time. Each character can only catch garbage in his own category. For example, Recycle worker can only catch bottle, meal box and daily paper. Trash worker is happy to catch socks, flower pot and banana peel. Firefighter is in responding to danger objects like bomb, gas jar and chemical acid.

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How to Play

Left and Right arrow keys control characters movement in left and right. Space Bar for switch among in 3 characters – Recycle Worker, Trash Worker and Firefighter. Catch the garbage with the corresponding character to win score. Recyclable or trash garbage worth 1 point. The danger objects worth 10 points. Don’t try to catch danger objects with recycle work or trash worker. Hmm… If you wanna try.

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