Compete against your fellow archaeologists to dig up ancient relics in this battle of the minds.

Ryan Luke Zhang + Thomas Tang + Cole Conrad Shrader + Jenny Cheng
Class: Introduction to Game Design - 2021
Project Studio - 2021
Instructor:  Jeff Petriello    

Antiquitus is a 2-5 Player Board Game designed by Cole Conrad Shrader, Thomas Tang, Ryan Luke Zhang, and Jenny Cheng.

In the game, players are archaeologists competing to excavate relics and place them into various combinations to form museum exhibits. Player excavate tiles from a board and adds them to their hand. Throughout the game players compete to assemble submissions to the museum and earn reputation.

Antiquitus began as a project in Intro to Game Design. We took that initial idea and refined it throughout the summer and later Porject Studio. We presented it for playtesting at PAX Unplugged’s Unpubbed area.