COGNITION is a “tapformer”, a mobile game which combines the spirit of a platformer and an elegant one touch movement mechanism.

In COGNITION, you control Click and Cogsworth, two constantly rotating cogs, through a series of surreal and increasingly dangerous mazes constructed by a maniacal clockmaker.

Eric Teo + Emma Wang + Wen Shi + Alex Feigenbaum + Chris McGinnis


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Master the rhythm of their movement to dodge the clockmaker’s diabolical traps! Solve puzzles through creative interactions with objects in the environment.

COGNITION has simple controls that let you jump right into the game without needing a tutorial.

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  • Simple one touch control
  • Over fifty challenging levels
  • Unique art style
  • Unforgettable characters, Click and Cogsworth!
  • Innovative movement mechanic
  • Rewind System- go back in time instead of dying
  • Jump right in, no tutorial needed!
  • Available in multiple languages


Seen At:

  • Game Developer’s Conference
  • Indiecade East
  • Playcrafting NYC
  • Sheep’s Meow
  • IGDA Showcasing


What actual players have been saying:

“I need this so much in my life right now” – Indiecade fan
“I love the back and forth movement of the little gears, and as the game progresses they use that mechanic in new and interesting ways.” – toucharcade
“I can get lost in this for hours” -Indiecade fan