Its HIGH NOON! Clickty Clack Bang Bang!

Zhixuan Xiao + Leo Liu + Eli Sun + Peng Guo + Ahmed Dadabai
Class: Introduction to Game Design - 2021
Instructor:  Jeff Petriello    

Designed to bring the western duel alive on a board, we incorporated an exhilarating experience challenging both the players’ physical relex and their strategic plannings. In order to resolve their daunting conflicts, the four outlaws roll 6 customized dice and find dice combinations to fight with each other or to travel around, aiming to be the last one standing during the high noon at Blackmeadow. While the Blackmeadow charms all passersby, the most sophisticated shooter always knows how to utilize distinctive terrains and their advantages. Each time a player takes a hit, the player inserts a physical bullet into their character board until their heart is full of bullets and scares and they face their impending death due to their incompetence.

Be swift, be bold. The high noon welcomes no cowards.

By Peng Guo; Eli Sun; Leo Li; Zhixuan Xiao; Ahmed Dadabai