Porridge Eating Mayhem

When the Grim Tales’ Little Pot gets out of control and the world is filled with porridge, only the combined strength of three unlikely heroes can save the day! Control Tremendous Johann, Industrious Olga and Revolting Werner on their quest to stop this sweet madness from drowning everything they love

Leandro Ribeiro + Elyse Lemoine

Once upon a time, a poor girl and her mother received a magical gift – a Little Pot that could produce endless sweet porridge at the utterance of the magic words “Little Pot, Cook.”  But, one day, the mother forgot the words to make the porridge stop and their small town was flooded with sweet porridge.  With the town in peril, three heroes – Industrious Olga, Tremendous Johann, and Revolting Werner – must rise to the occasion and eat their way through the town to stop the Little Pot from covering the world in sweet porridge!

Hungry Hungry Heroes is a single player strategy game about cooperative eating and tactical puking.  Take control of the three heroes – Olga, Werner, and Johann – and eat your way through the various levels and campaigns to stop the Little Pot in its sweet, sticky tracks!

Done in 4 months (February – May 2014) for Game Studio 2 at the NYU Game Center, using Unity.  This is a single-player strategy game best played on iOS devices (iPad and iPhone).  Based on the non-digital game, the Great Porridge Purge by Elyse Lemoine, Josh Raab, and Geoffrey Suthers (done for Game Design 1).