A round head charging around in a square's world.

Kichi-Crush is a single-player action game. Take control of little Kichi and survive against the Blockheads by sending them flying!

Sean Heron

Above: a short gameplay video of the first level.

Some action a few seconds into the first level.

The objective of Kichi-Crush is simple: rush at enemies in order to knock them away and into other enemies.
You get more points by knocking flying enemies into each other.
A normal knockaway is worth 5 points, but knocking an enemy into another one is 10 points.
It’s also possible to stomp on enemies; if you do, you bounce off of them and gain extra height.

Every ten seconds, the multiplier increases by one,
which increases the value of enemies defeated.
If you need health, a pickup that is worth 1 health and some extra points
can appear in the middle of the screen.