Knockdown TV is a simple fighting game where reading your opponent is everything. It's all about knocking them down not just once, but again and again.

In Knockdown TV, there are no long movelists to memorize or complicated inputs to practice. There's just 3 attacks: punch, kick, and counter. Each attack knocks your opponent down to the ground. From there, they can either get up, roll left, or roll right -- so try to get a follow-up hit!

Chapin Boyer + Brian S. Chung + Connor Carson + Dylan Nelkin + Pathon Sivarapornsakul
Class: Game Studio II - 2019
Instructor:  Robert Yang    


When standing, you can punch, counter, or kick.

When grounded, you can input left, right, or up.

Teching is faster than the normal grounded options. You can tech by pressing the input at the right timing (just as you’re about to land on the ground). You can tech up, techroll left, or techroll right.

If you can return to a neutral standing position from being grounded, you can recover up to 1 health. If you land an attack, it’s important to land a follow-up attack also!

It’s still possible to perfect your opponent after recovering health!

Download the game here!