Montage in a cage.

Class: Thesis I - 2018
Instructor:  Frank Lantz    



Artists Statement:

Moncage is an experimental game that is derived from a shader in the Unity engine. The original intention of this project is to demonstrate possible gameplay that is completely built upon the visuals, so its core mechanic is achieved by a technique called the stencil buffer, and the gameplay is mostly implemented by the manipulation of the cameras in Unity.

It is designed to explore the relationship between the in-game visuals and the gameplay. The game embraces a simplistic and flat art style with vibrant colors. The art style was chosen typically to accentuate the gameplay: finding the matching parts among the scenes. The art style combines the two aspects, gameplay and visual aesthetics, seamlessly and beautifully.

As art students and game designers, we have a strong passion about art and games, and we infused this project with our aesthetics and thoughts: we spent a long time designing the worlds, and we handcrafted all the in-game assets to make sure it would come out as beautiful as we wanted it to be. The goal of Moncage is to offer the players an unforgettable experience in the world that is trapped in a cube. In Moncage, there are lots of magical moments, and we wish to leave the players in a mood of awe and wonder.

To play the demo, please visit the page!



Additional Screenshots: