A free-roaming bullet hell game set in an abstract visual world with painting and dodging as the core mechanics

Soft Body is a free-roaming bullet hell set in a meditative, musical world. As the player paints the world's geometry with a snake-like avatar, the level constantly shifts and rearranges itself.

Zeke Virant


When the player paints all the tiles on the screen, they disappear and a new layer builds around them (with new enemies). In the animation above, the player paints the last layer to complete the level.

Runner 2014-06-13 15-02-22-35

Above: player moves to get the Ghost Body.

Runner 2014-06-13 15-04-07-23

Above: a Rail enemy spits a projectile at the player when they push the ball. Also seen: Enemy Orange fire seeking projectiles (white squares) at he player.