Customizable Card Game where players try to smash their opponents' Bots into bits to win!

Grab the right weapons and power them to beat your opponent into the ground!

Eric Teo + Angela Lee + CS Wallace + Chris McGinnis + Emma Wang

Super Bot Smash is a game where you control a robot and, using a Dominion style deck building mechanism, you will equip it with weapons and shields and power them to bring the pain to your opponent’s robot. The first to beat your opponent’s robot down to 0 health will win the game!

Rohan narrowly beating Eric in the game

Rohan narrowly beating Eric in the game

This has been a challenging project for us because we had to contend with more than half our members away at GDC. We also had a lot of good ideas but ultimately, through a lot of play testing, we had to streamline the game to get to the essence of what was fun with the game – beating each other to the ground. In the end, we have a game that has a lot of potential for future expansions, works really well and is aesthetically polished.

I worked on the game design portion in the team. The biggest lesson I learnt was that balancing the various statistics in the cards and at the same time making sure there is synergy between the cards and the game mechanisms is a brain burning exercise.