An abandoned highschool with a haunting past.

Jonathan Otcasek + Stephen Gonzalez + ww1558
Class: Game Studio II - 2020
Instructor:  Robert Yang    

You’re the host of a popular Ghost-Hunting video channel online. One day, you get a call from your producer. She tells you about an exciting new story she wants you to follow up on; there’s an urban legend in a town not too far from where you live about an old high school. Apparently there were a number of disappearances there a decade or two back, and it was closed down. And of course, it’s haunted. You pack your equipment, get in your van and drive. 

You arrive at the site shortly after midnight. Sure is spooky here. Going to be great for the channel. Only, did one of those curtains just move? Wasn’t this place supposed to be abandoned? Then what was that dark shape you saw by the window…?