Mondrian painting generator

Longxiao Li

I expanded Mondrian’s two dimensional paintings into three dimensional world. In this “game”, players may generate paintings in Mondrian’s style and manipulate this paintings as they wish. Thanks to the “flattened” rendering of orthographic camera, a new painting will revealed after each time players rotate the camera.



Mondrianess slider controls the maximum number of color blocks will be generated.

Cubousity slider controls the maximum size of each color blocks.

Space bar to generate color blocks according to the parameters in the slider.

“WASD” to rotate the canvas.

Arrow keys and left/right bracket to move camera.

“R” to reset the canvas.

“C” to switch between orthographic and perspective view.

“F” to switch on/off the light attached to the main camera.

“Z” to launch a camera projectile into the canvas.

“1” to load flat shaded canvas, “2” to load canvas lit by directional light.